About the Viselaya Foundation

Our mission

The Viselaya Foundation is an independent nonprofit corporation for the support of the arts. Our main project is a competition and juried exhibition of figurative sculpture. The sculpture exhibit is held outdoors in an extensive private garden near Boston. The goal of the competition is to promote public appreciation of the timeless artform of figurative sculpture, and to advance the careers of the best best living artists working in the figurative tradition today.

Who are we?

The foundation was established by collectors and advocates of the enduring importance of figurative sculpture. The activities of the foundation are supported primarily by volunteers and donations from private individuals and companies. (Acknowledgements).

Gregory Bruell
Pamela Reinagel
Board of Advisors
Jonathan Fairbanks
D. Roger Howlett
Fred Osborne
Robin Salmon
Competition 2005 Jury
Jonathan Fairbanks (Judge)
Stuart Feldman
Pamela Reinagel

What does 'Viselaya' mean?

The name 'Viselaya' (pronounced 'viz-ah-LAH-ya') is derived from the name of a mountain village in Czechoslovakia. Foundation co-founder Greg Bruell, owner and designer of the garden where the exhibit is held, was inspired by the secluded retreat his grandparents had built there in the 1930s.

What does the logo mean?

The Viselaya logo depicts a visual proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, symbolizing the unity of science and art. (Learn about visual proofs here.) The leaf signifies the Foundation's special interest in the interface between fine art and the cultivated landscape, whether the landscape serves as the setting for art (as in sculpture gardens), the subject (as in landscape paintings), or the medium (as in artistic garden design).