2005 Viselaya Sculpture Competition Winners

The competition criteria can be found in the Official Rules (PDF).

Top Prize: Best Figurative Sculpture for the Garden
“Clapotis” by Michael Keropian (Carmel, NY)

Prize for Communication of an Important Conceptual Theme
and also
Prize for Sensitivity of Expression
“Grief” by Edward Fleming (Galisteo, NM)

Prize for Mastery of Medium (Stone Carving)
“La Fille du Marin (The Fisherman’s Daughter)"
by Philippe Faraut (Honeoye, NY)

Prize for Narrative Sculpture
“Ancient Olympians” by Bryce Cameron Liston (Salt Lake City, UT)

Prize for Expressive Interpretation of Anatomy
“Three Brain Man” by Don Gale (Old Lyme, CT)

Prize for Outstanding Animal
“High Four” by Louise Peterson (Guffey, CO)

Honorable Mention for Composition
“Finding Grace” by Robert Ash (Santa Fe, NM)

Honorable Mention for Communication
of an Important Conceptual Theme

“Ostrich – Rhythms and Forms” by Lou Fuchs (Essex, CT)

Honorable Mention for Beauty
“Reflection” by Rodd Ambroson (Joseph, OR)

All Finalists

Michael Keropian (NY)
 Ancient Olympians
(group of 6 figures; 2 shown)
Bryce Cameron Liston (UT)
 Three Brain Man
Don Gale (CT)
Melisa Gerber (MA)
 Torso, Barbara
Alan LeQuire (TN)
 High Four
Louise Peterson (CO)
Edward Fleming (NM)
 Male Torso
Philis Raskind (CT)
 La Fille du Marin
Phillipe Faraut (NY)
Finding Grace by  Robert Ash Finding Grace
Robert Ash (NM)
Philis Raskind (CT)
Michael Keropian (NY)
Rodd Ambroson (OR)
Phillipe Faraut (NY)
 Senator Robert F. Bennett
Karen Jobe Templeton (UT)
 Portrait (woman)
Masao Morimoto (NY)
 Pensive Man
Philis Raskind (CT)
 Poet, Nancy Takacs
Karen Jobe Templeton (UT)
 Portrait (man)
Masao Morimoto (NY)
 Kiley and Derek
Robert Shure (MA)
 Ostrich - Rythms & Forms
Lou Fuchs (CT)
 Bella and the Bug
Louise Peterson (CO)

All sculptures are copyrighted works of the artists. Sculptures and images of them may not be reproduced without express permission of the artist.